Tutor Recruitment

*Registration deadline: Sunday, 20th August 2023 (at 23.59)

Dear candidates, we are excited to prepare more capacity for Tutorku as there are significantly high demand in previous semester. We are looking for individuals who have strong knowledge in academic and passionate in tutoring field.

1. Candidate must be Prasmulyan batch 2022 or earlier
2. Have a minimum of AB grade in tutoring subjects
3. Passionate in tutoring and education field
4. Have a minimum GPA of 3.40
5. Willing to learn and improve tutoring skills

1. Highly supportive community. You will be guided by coordinators and management team to prepare your tutoring class. No one is left unguided.

2. Flexible tutoring schedule. Set the schedule as you prefer.

3. High share of revenue. We value your time and effort, the class prices will be maintained so it still worth of your time spent.

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