optimum learning solution for Prasmulyan

optimum learning
for Prasmulyans


who is

Prasmulyans’ Platform, connects high-quality tutors with students and optimize learning process to be efficient. We are a community that transform passionate individuals into skillful tutors, make tangible impacts. 

our mission

we are passionate to develop students and help them unleash their potentials academically. We believe that every student deserves an efficient learning.

why tutorku?

Your one-stop solution for study needs. Friendly yet professional tutors are ready to help you #StudyMadeEasy for a variety of subjects.

well-trained tutors

every tutor that teach you has passed a set of training program, designed to ensure students' understanding

rich of study materials

standardized exercises and test banks are provided for your at-home practice

social contribution

with tutorku, you are involved in our social mission to help double disability kids to get a quality life and education