Tutor Manager Recruitment

Dear candidates, we are excited to have a new team member as tutor manager. Here are the criteria and job description for the role. Please read carefully and submit the application form on-time.


1. Able to communicate effectively with team members
2. Have a good empathy towards others
3. Passionate about interpersonal relationship

Job Description:

1. Manage recruitment process in Tutorku
2. Help and support tutors to prepare teaching needsĀ 
3. Review tutors performance and give feedbacks

*Registration deadline: Friday, 11th August 2023 (at 23.59)

1. Highly supportive community. You will be trained by management team so you have the ability to do the job well.

2. Learn effective and efficient team working system.

3. Experience “real life” management role.

4. Paid project.

Application Form